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3 Ways to Quickly Grow a Company

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growing companies with leadsStarting a company is usually one of the more difficult things someone may do in their life. From raising funds and hiring the right employees to developing a product that may one day be extremely popular, you’ve done all you can with the resources you have. Now, you’re in for the next big challenge of your life: Increase the rate of growth for your company as quickly as possible.

InboundProspect offers these helpful hints on how to move your company from the startup phase to generating more revenue.

  • 1. Form a Partnership

    Partnerships are extremely valuable, especially for brand new companies. Network with other executives of companies that you think would add value to your vision or who could help promote your brand with their product.

    A great example is the partnership between a software startup and a computer manufacturer. If you’ve created a unique program that can be useful for all types of users, form a partnership with a well-known manufacturer to have your program pre-installed on every unit they produce.

  • 2. Buy Qualified Leads

    Lead generation has vastly improved over the last few years. Basic, non-qualified phone lists are now a thing of the past; companies like InboundProspect offer affordable, Pay For Performance programs that use statistical analysis and market data to construct lead generation campaigns that work. You can get live transfer quality leads that can easily be scaled to increase your customer base at a more predictable speed and cost.

    Third party lead generation has helped a variety of businesses get off the ground. The solar energy industry, one of the fastest growing markets in the world, has used lead generation to find qualified customers that are ready to make a purchase. These types of companies have attributed much of their success to the customers they receive through lead generation.

  • 3. Acquire Another Business

    If you’ve already begun to experience success with your current targeted customer base and want to expand into other markets, buying another company might open your doors wide open to a significant amount of fresh customers.

    When looking to acquire other companies, the products or services they offer should be similar to what your company specializes in or, at the very least, compliment your product line. If you’re working with a limited budget, you might be able to merge with a second company and offer them a share of your profits as an alternative to buying them outright.

Whichever method you choose to grow your company, keep InboundProspect in mind when you need scalable leads at predictable costs. Our direct mail lead generation techniques are unrivaled and can get you the results your company needs.