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Pay For Performance Using Direct Mail?

Yes, you read that right.

Why Would Any Company Make Such A Bold Offer?

Over a Decade of Execution

For over a decade we have honed our world class skills in providing qualified direct mail originated inbound calls for financial services utilizing either a Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), Cost Per Call (CPC) or Cost Per Lead (CPL) pricing model. We know the loan business very well and can easily adapt to and understand your loan products, your underwriting guidelines, and your borrowers.

True Pay For Performance

Under a Pay For Performance pricing model we put our money where our mouth is and back up our claims of yielding profitable and scalable results for our clients by taking on the financial and performance risk that comes with originating – not just generating live transfer inbound leads. We work with you to understand your monthly loan volume goals by loan product and then design an effective Pay For Performance lead origination strategy that drives motivated and qualified live loan leads to your sales agents.

Test Us Today. We Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is.

Our Pricing
Our Lead Methodology
Our Lead Infrastructure

Our Pricing

We pioneered Pay For Performance for direct mail live transfer Mortgage Leads and Auto Loan Leads over a decade ago in the midst of the subprime mortgage and auto loan booms. It was a unique time when call centers of hundreds and even thousands of seats were commonplace, and everyone wanted to buy exclusive Mortgage Leads and Auto Loan Leads. Pay Per Acquisition, Pay Per Call and Pay Per Lead pricing models using direct mail was only a concept and then we proved it.

Our Lead Methodology

Our lead origination methodology was first developed back in 2003 while creating and managing high-volume turnkey direct mail mortgage and auto loan lead generation campaigns from the ground up for many of the major subprime mortgage and auto lenders. Many of our clients were working with annual direct mail marketing budgets of at least $25 million. These massive budgets provided the funding and flexibility needed to seek out, learn and develop the most sophisticated lead origination strategies the financial services industry has ever seen. We’ve now broadened our reach to other financial services verticals providing Personal Loan Leads, Auto Loan Leads, Mortgage Leads, Student Loan Leads (Student Loan Consolidation Leads), and Debt Leads.

Our Lead Infrastructure

Our lead origination infrastructure employs a very sophisticated and comprehensive approach to lead origination and customer acquisition. We use statistical analysis, predictive modeling, intuitive and custom variable selection, multi-layered database integration, proven creative concepts and strategies, a comprehensive understanding of loan matrices, underwriting guidelines and more than a decade of specializing in the development and management of scalable financial services lead origination and custom acquisition programs. It is through this innovation that we were able to migrate from the traditional Cost Per Piece (CPP) or agency pricing model and move to a Pay For Performance CPA, CPC or CPL pricing model.

After More Than A Decade Of Refining Our Methodology And Delivering Unparalleled Results In Originating Qualified Leads For The Financial Services Vertical We Now Bring Pay For Performance To You.