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Benefits of Solar Lead Generation With a Pay For Performance Company

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solar panels installedGeneric lead generation, as a viable business option, has consistently faded over the past few years. Most solar companies that generate leads as part of their sales strategy have grown accustomed to small profit margins, wasted marketing budgets and low expectations.

Pay For Performance lead generation using a Cost Per Installation (CPI) pricing model is a proven strategy that many companies across the United States, including solar power firms, use consistently to increase revenue and maximize results.

Why Solar Lead Generation With a Pay For Performance Company?

Methods are what set Pay For Performance strategies apart from the rest of the industry. Besides using concepts that have been tested for years, we shy away from standard mail and phone lists that solar companies have come to despise.

We use statistical analysis and predictive modeling methods that were developed in house to get you the best exclusive solar leads available today. We view our solar companies not as clients, but as partners, and we apply our analysis methods when trying to understand what is most important for your bottom line.

The Importance of Understanding What Your Solar Company Needs

Our team is dedicated to focusing on a few key factors:

  • Market segments
  • Metrics
  • Operations
  • Sales products

Once we’ve analyzed these critical segments of your company, we use the information, match it with our methods, and generate the best leads for your sales team.

The importance of becoming a partner with your company and analyzing the necessary segments is to determine what type of risk and cost factors will go into a plan specifically designed to meet your needs.

Scalable Plans for All Sizes of Solar Companies

Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) or what we like to call Cost Per Installation (CPI) is extremely important in Pay For Performance lead generation. We work closely with your team to determine a target, and then build upon that to get you the price point that meets your needs.

Once a pricing model is created for our solar clients, we use the agreed upon target for sales and return on investment together with proven statistical analysis, robust financial databases, effective creative and calculated mail drop scheduling for consistent lead flow to get you the best results possible.

Whether you’re a new solar energy company that’s eager to get started or need to improve your organization’s bottom line, Pay For Performance is the best way to achieve maximum results for your sales team. The amount of money you invest with us depends on what targets you set and the performance you see from your campaigns.