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Can a Lead Generation Company Help Your Business?

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lead generation business reportLead generation has been used for decades by both small businesses and large corporations to increase their chances of making a sale to qualified customers. Third party companies who offer lead generation services have not always been able to provide the most qualified leads. New analysis methods have increased the success rate businesses experience with qualified customers who are provided by a direct mail lead generation company. Here’s how this could help your business.

Each year, thousands of business owners across the United States head to trade shows, spend thousands on Pay Per Click campaigns, and use other expensive non-performance based methods of advertising. In contrast, lead generation provides qualified leads to businesses without the hassle – leads from people who are ready to purchase products or services – all for a fraction of what traditional advertising costs.

Modern day lead generation uses a unique method of qualitative and quantitative analysis:

  • Business goals – Your company’s business goals are analyzed to determine how many live transfer leads are needed to meet quotas, and how much money can be spent per qualified buyer (also known as Cost Per Acquisition).
  • Historical analysis – Because new marketing techniques call for the use of behavioral analysis, your database of previous customers can be analyzed to determine what type of individual would likely buy your product.
  • Custom conversion model – The final step involves taking the necessary information from your company’s database, identifying your business needs and creating a custom solution that generates only the most qualified leads based on historical performance data.

Regardless of the type of business you own, using historical analysis of your previous clients and applying those numbers to unique algorithms is how savvy lead generation companies can help grow your business.

What if I Receive Poor Quality Leads?

The old method of lead generation required companies to pay blindly for massive amounts of leads that often generated little to no results. This is because there was no method to determine whether an individual was actually going to buy or was just shopping around for prices.

To protect businesses from paying for low quality leads, some lead companies, including ours, now offer Pay For Performance pricing. This means that leads are only paid for when a customer is acquired or a lead is generated, at a price already decided upon, allowing the business to estimate their Cost Per Acquisition or Cost Per Lead ahead of time without substantial risk. This helps protect businesses from the potential of losing thousands of dollars while the company providing the leads acts as a real business partner and takes on the financial risk up front for the marketing to perform.

In recent years with so many new analysis methods that are applied by lead generation companies, this form of marketing is one of the best ways to increase revenue for your business. If you know your customer and just need help finding them, you’ll get the most out of your marketing budget by partnering with a Pay For Performance lead generation company. Contact us today if you are looking for results oriented direct mail lead generation and pre-qualified live transfers.