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How Buying From a Scalable Lead Source In Bulk Can Save Your Company Time and Money

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buying leads saves time and moneyIdentifying prospects for your sales team can be very time consuming. Whether you’re in the mortgage industry or are trying to start a student loan consolidation company, the time you spend finding leads can be put to better use.

As a top lead generation company, InboundProspect uses direct mail to generate qualified, exclusive bulk leads to a variety of companies, and helps business owners save time in the process.

It’s All About the Sales Funnel

If your sales team is spending half their day trying to contact Internet leads to keep their sales funnel full, they’re wasting time by not receiving direct mail generated live qualified leads.

The main reason that looking for new leads takes so much time is you must make sure your leads are qualified, motivated and seeking the product or service you offer, but it takes time and money to learn what monetizes and doesn’t when buying leads and marketing under traditional pricing models.

A Pay For Performance lead generation company takes the headache out of looking for your own leads. We use a unique direct mail based approach that combines your business goals with statistical analysis and a variety of integrated databases to generate inbound, live leads in bulk, saving you dozens of hours per week and ensuring that every lead you get is qualified and ready to buy.

Increased Accuracy Means Less Time Wasted on Irrelevant Prospects

Years ago, lead generation companies could have been compared to phone books. All they did was provide you a list of seemingly random names and phone numbers for people across the country for a hefty price, leaving you to do the dirty work of finding out who was qualified.

Now, top Pay For Performance lead generation companies have become smarter in the methods they use to obtain the leads that will get you results. If your sales team isn’t using a direct mail lead generation company on a Pay For Performance basis, then the vast majority of the time they are making calls to people who might have filled out an online form or showed only a little bit of interest weeks ago, but are now dead in the water.

The general thought about sales is that roughly 5 to 10 percent of the people your sales team comes in contact with will be buyers. Increase this percentage and decrease the time spent making outbound phone calls to Internet leads that can only be reached 40 to 50 percent of the time by using a Pay For Performance direct mail lead generation company for qualified, scalable, inbound live leads on a Cost Per Call or Cost Per Acquisition basis.

Focus on Sales and Building Your Business

For example, companies operating in the solar installation industry don’t have time and money to burn testing out online lead sources and marketing agencies that put all of the risk on the solar company’s shoulders. What these solar companies need is a company like InboundProspect that provides a direct mail live lead source using Cost Per Installation pricing for their solar leads. Companies who purchase leads from InboundProspect get to spend their time focusing on sales and building their business.

When your business depends on what you do on a daily basis, your time is invaluable. A company such as InboundProspect will save you dozens of hours per week. Simply receive scalable qualified leads in bulk on a Cost Per Call or Cost Per Acquisition basis and start selling.