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We Don’t Just Generate Leads, We Originate Them… And Yes, There is a Big Difference.

Unlike most direct mail marketing agencies or lead generation companies, we actually take on the upfront financial and performance risk by providing Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), Cost Per Call (CPC) and Cost Per Lead (CPL) pricing for our clients. We accomplish this unheard of feat for direct mail marketing by employing a simple yet effective formula that has been the cornerstone of our success for the last decade. It’s called… Analyze, Originate, Deliver and Optimize.

Analyze Leads

We Analyze

First, we review your loan products, your loan volume goals and your loan matrices to better understand what we are working with and how that relates to our overall database marketing strategy. Second, we analyze your promotional history database of previous responders, non-responders, applications and customers. Third, we develop a custom hybrid respond-conversion model tailored specific to your needs while employing a very sophisticated database integration strategy at the individual level. We layer multiple databases including transactional, financial, credit, psychographic, behavioral and demographic as well as others to identify as many variables as possible per individual prospect. Finally, this reveals relationships, patterns, and trends that are critical to conversion and qualified lead generation, and customer acquisition success. These sophisticated statistical operations allow us to pinpoint the most qualified prospective borrowers for our clients.

We Originate

We work with you to establish an acceptable and scalable Cost Per Acquisition target, and then build a pricing model that fits your needs. We offer Pay Per Acquisition, Pay Per Call or Pay Per Lead. We then create a custom direct mail strategy around the number of loans you need per loan product per month and originate direct mail live transfer leads using proven creative strategy, statistical analysis, predictive modeling, multi-level databases, tactical mail drop scheduling, call center scripting and more. It’s turnkey at it’s best.

Originate Ideas
Deliver Leads

We Deliver

Do you need live inbound calls? Or do you prefer real time electronic leads? Both generated via direct mail. We’ll deliver qualified live transfer prospective borrowers directly to your call center or customer support center on a Pay For Performance basis. No call center? No problem. We deliver direct mail generated live inbound calls electronically too. We do this for Mortgage Leads, Personal Loan Leads, Student Loan Leads (Student Loan Consolidation Leads), Debt Leads or Auto Loan Leads. Most importantly, we deliver results.

We Optimize

We believe that the key to a successful, sustainable live lead generation strategy is through continued improvement. We continually review critical metrics on every level and enhance our predictive models using your promotional history database to identify the most profitable loan product segments, geographies and borrowers. At the conclusion of your campaign we analyze results and look for ways to maximize your profitability by adjusting our Pay Per Acquisition, Pay Per Lead or Pay Per Call pricing strategy accordingly.

Optimize Leads

Now Ask Yourself.

“Does My Current Lead Provider Do All This AND Take On All The Risk To Perform?”

We Bet They Don’t.

Please! Call Us On It! Start Hitting Your Loan Volume Goals Now!

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