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InboundProspect, Inc. Website Introduces Pay For Performance Direct Mail

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Newport Beach, CA (September 25, 2014) – InboundProspect, Inc., a California based Pay For Performance Direct Mail marketing agency that pioneered Cost Per Acquisition, Cost Per Call and Cost Per Lead pricing for direct mail over a decade ago announced today that it has officially launched its new company website at

According to Scott Couto, InboundProspect CEO and founder, “our new website highlights how InboundProspect’s Pay For Performance Direct Mail Lead Generation business model is an innovative solution to meet the marketing needs of Financial Services companies, specifically Direct Lenders who operate in a very competitive marketplace.”

“The cost to acquire a new customer or Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), is the primary metric most financial services companies use to determine the effectiveness of a Lead Generation source,” Scott explained. “And that’s why we have taken traditional Direct Mail marketing to the next level by offering it to our clients using a CPA pricing model when possible. To my knowledge no other lead generation company is currently willing to incur the financial and performance risk that comes with Pay Per Lead or Pay Per Call Direct Mail marketing. Whether it is Live Inbound Calls transferred directly to the client call center, or Live Inbound Leads whereby our call center fields the inbound call, qualifies the caller, obtains the necessary lead information and forwards the call as an electronic lead in virtual real time to our client, we believe the financial burden that comes with marketing should not rest solely on the shoulders of our clients. That’s why we offer a Cost Per Acquisition (also known as Cost Per Loan), Cost Per Call or Cost Per Lead pricing structure using Direct Mail, a pure Pay For Performance solution that only a world class marketing partner would offer.”

InboundProspect originates Mortgage Leads, Personal Loan Leads, Student Loan Consolidation Leads, Auto Loan Leads and Residential Solar Leads for their Direct Lender clients. Since 2003 InboundProspect has blazed the trail in Pay For Performance lead generation using Direct Mail, a direct marketing strategy no other company has offered to date using CPA, CPC and CPL pricing. “We’ve honed our unique strategic approach to lead origination, not just lead generation, within Financial Services for over a decade,” Scott explains. “We do this using InboundProspect’s proven four-step methodology, which gives our clients a competitive edge they won’t find elsewhere. We use sophisticated multi-level database integration processes, cutting edge predictive modeling and analytics and highly effective direct mail creative strategies on a Pay Per Acquisition (Pay Per Loan), Pay Per Call or Pay Per Lead pricing basis. We know of no other turnkey lead generation company that offers this level of partnership to its clients.”

The new InboundProspect website offers a fresh clean design, easy-to-navigate functionality and a simple and concise user experience. The new website also provides social media integration and direct links to InboundProspect’s Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages, where company and direct mail marketing solutions and ideas will appear on an ongoing basis.

“We are very proud of our new website,” Scott adds. “Our hope is that it clearly and succinctly communicates to the Financial Services community that InboundProspect can help them consistently achieve their CPA and loan volume goals through one of our proven Pay For Performance pricing models.”

For more information please visit InboundProspect, Inc. online at or call 1 (800) 511-1955.