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Solar Lead Volume will Increase with Industry Growth

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solar panel installation lead demandDemand for solar power is growing in the United States. As the cost of energy rises and monthly utility payments are increasing to amounts that are hardly affordable for consumers across the country, solar is becoming more popular.

InboundProspect, an innovative third party direct mail lead generation company, has experienced a significant increase in the demand for solar energy installation leads across the country.

Solar Lead Volume Increases in California and Elsewhere

The U.S. Energy Information Administration recently reported that California was the first state to have 5 percent of its energy produced from solar resources. In 2014, solar plants located in California generated an estimated 9.9 million megawatt hours worth of energy and other states are now following suit.

Demand for solar energy installation is also increasing along with the total output from solar plants. InboundProspect believes this is largely due to the increase in utility costs on a consumer level combined with education and advertising that directly relates to the solar industry itself.

More Solar Power Plants to Come

Utility companies in California plan to phase in more solar energy power plants in the near future. In the next year, it is estimated that utility companies will be able to add enough solar power to service an addition 1 million regular households in California alone.

This increase in solar power energy suppliers is good news for installers. While California is a model state for solar power everywhere, suppliers in other states currently have plans to increase their output while building new facilities.

InboundProspect and the Future of Solar Installation Leads

The increase in solar power supply is a good sign for installers because utility companies are building new facilities on estimations of solid growth in the industry. This type of growth in consumers who will use solar power will result in millions of new third party solar installation leads from around the country.

InboundProspect, specializes in solar installation leads and can provide scalable, quality leads and geo-specific optimized for any installer looking to increase business without the hassle of door to door lead generation.

As an innovator in this industry, InboundProspect offers true Pay For Performance. We provide our solar installer clients with Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) pricing, which means we incur the financial and performance risk that comes with not only marketing, but also with solar installation sales. This model allows our clients to meet their business goals and yield the best possible results in the solar installation lead generation market. Use InboundProspect to help generate quality solar installation leads for your company and finally achieve your installation goals.