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The Best Sources for Student Loan Consolidation Leads

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leads on debt from student loansStudent loan consolidation leads are hard to come by. Regardless of the size of your lending or brokerage firm, the time you spend finding individuals who are actually interested in consolidating their student loan debt can take hours of research, cost thousands of dollars and, in many cases, turn up little to no results.

With recent advancement in web-based technology, statistical and market analysis, and smartphones, potential student loan consolidation customers can look for a company that suits their needs at any time. With this fact in mind, the following resources are the best go-to options for companies who are struggling to fill their student loan consolidation sales cycle:

Purchase Student Loan Information From Other Financial Institutions

Banks who lend money so that students can attend college are often willing to sell certain types of data to third party companies. While this data is often limited due to legal issues, companies can still form sales lists and begin cold calling students to determine whether or not any of them need to consolidate their loans.

InboundProspect cautions that, while banks and lending companies might be a good source of data, prices for this information might be extremely high and marketing professionals are often lost on who to contact within the company itself.

Educational Institutions

Another option to obtain student loan consolidation leads is to create a partnership with a number of colleges and technical schools around the country.

This strategy will help you gain access to tens of thousands of potential customers. Besides setting up a table and handing out flyers, leverage your partnership by offering to place a direct link to your business on the school’s website, and make your company the go-to partner when a student is seeking financial help from a counselor at the school.

InboundProspect: The Best Source for Student Loan Consolidation Leads

InboundProspect offers an innovative program for companies who are looking for student loan consolidation leads. With our Pay For Performance model, business partners of InboundProspect only pay for the leads they receive based on a pre-determined agreement. No financial or direct mail marketing performance risk is incurred by the company seeking student loan consolidation leads because they only pay when a live transfer lead is generated and forwarded directly to the company call center.

The direct mail lead generation methods used by InboundProspect qualifies each and every lead before they reach your pipeline. Each plan is catered to the needs of every individual company that partners with InboundProspect for their student loan consolidation leads.

A unique algorithm that combines current market data, an extensive number of databases and predictive analysis is used to determined which leads are best for your business. Because each company is treated as a partner rather than a customer, InboundProspect’s unique approach also includes an in-depth look at the goals of each client to ensure maximum satisfaction.

As you can see, there are a variety of ways in which a company can obtain leads for student loans and student loan consolidation. InboundProspect offers the only cost effective method that eliminates the financial and performance risk from marketing for the client while increasing conversion percentages and success rates for sales departments.