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The Rise Of The Solar Installation Market

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As a provider of leads to solar installation companies looking for a scalable source of solar leads on a Pay For Performance basis, we understand that the solar installation market is growing at an unprecedented rate. Take a look at this infographic we put together to understand the level of growth the solar market is currently experiencing.

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The Rise Of The Solar Installation Market

It’s no secret that the cost of gas and electricity is rising. Growing numbers of Americans are turning to solar power for their heating and power needs. But just how big is the market these days?

Solar installations are booming

  • 600,000 homes and businesses in the United States have gone solar
  • 49,000 new installations were made in Q3 2014 alone
  • That equates to one new solar installation every three minutes
  • The residential solar installation sector grew 58% from 2013
  • Solar power in the US generates over 17,500 MW of electricity

Solar installation market growth

  • In 2013, the solar installation market was worth $13.7 billion
  • There are approximately 6,100 solar installation companies in every state
  • The industry employs over 143,000 workers
  • California is the state with the most solar installations
  • 36% of all new electricity capacity in 2014 comes from solar power

As the requirements for power increase over time, so too will the need for solar installations across America.

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