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When to Buy Leads for Your Company

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lead generation graphIf your lead generation system is working, your pipeline is full, and your sales team is surpassing their goals, the thought of buying leads has likely never crossed your mind. However, it’s always possible that you’ll experience a downturn in the amount of customers you receive, impacting your revenue. Panicking during these difficult times will only lead to poor decision making.

You should always have a plan for new lead generation. Whether you’re currently experiencing record breaking revenue generation or are struggling to find enough customers, there are a few situations in which you should purchase leads for your company:

Your Cost Per Acquisition is Too High

If your Cost Per Acquisition (also known as CPA) is too high, you will not be getting an ideal return on investment no matter how many customers you acquire. Ideally, your CPA should be as low as possible to ensure that you have a healthy profit margin.

Defining your desired CPA for a specific set of leads can be difficult because whether or not it’s costing you too much completely depends on your results. For example, a customer that was acquired at $200 and only buys a product worth $100 is a loss for your company. If the same customer came to you for a product or service worth $2,000, you’d have a much better ROI.

If your CPA is currently too high and you are losing money on every lead, or not making as much profit as you could from each lead, you likely need a better acquisition strategy. Purchasing leads from a direct mail lead generation company like InboundProspect can help lower your CPA and increase your profits. By purchasing leads on a unique Pay For Performance basis, you can calculate your bottom line more effectively because you know exactly how much each lead will cost ahead of time. From there, your profits from every customer will likely increase because you are only paying for leads when you hit your business goals.

Your Sales Volume is Too Low

Are you burning through your book of leads with little to no results? How many sales are you currently getting from your team? When leads don’t pan out, and you notice a significant decrease in your sales volume, it’s time to buy leads for your company.

Sales volume normally decreases after you’ve exhausted all possible options for gathering leads. While they might have accounted for a large majority of the income that got your business off the ground, referrals from your network can’t last forever.

You Waste Valuable Time Searching for Clients

If your sales team is spending more time than you would prefer contacting mediocre leads to find new clients, then your company can benefit from purchasing high quality exclusive leads.

Many lead generation companies sell the same lead lists to multiple companies, causing the leads to be burnt out by the time you can call them. If you’re wasting valuable time contacting low-value leads or leads that are not as relevant as they could be, InboundProspect’s highly targeted exclusive leads are the perfect solution.

Buying quality leads is a solution for any company that wants to lower their CPA, increase their sales volume, or reduce the amount of time wasted on uninterested or irrelevant leads. Working with a provider like InboundProspect is the perfect solution to each of these problems. Your sales team will spend less time weeding out prospects who aren’t interested, you will be able to calculate your ROI more effectively, and you’ll have a pipeline that is always full. Contact us if this sounds like the solution for you!