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Where to Find Solar Leads

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technician installing solar panelsFinding new solar leads can be a monumental task, even for the savviest of marketing executives. The problem does not come from a lack of methods but from having too many choices, most are too risky or costly to try from a budgeting standpoint.

There are a few methods that are consistently being used by solar companies nationwide. Whether your company has been around for a decade or recently opened its doors, use the following lead generating methods to help fill the lead pipeline for your sales team:

Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

Pay-Per-Click campaigns are often used by websites to generate immediate results.

A user searches for a solar-related keyword using Google and your PPC advertisement appears on the side of the page. Once the user clicks on your advertisement, your account is charged for that click (according to Google Adwords, for solar keywords this amount could be anywhere between $1.50 and $15.00 per click). The average conversion rate for Pay-Per-Click campaigns is somewhere between two and three percent.

While this method can be somewhat effective, many companies find themselves spending thousands of dollars per month with little results for their effort. Executives fail to realize that while PPC campaigns are relatively straight forward, small marketing efforts, campaign management and bidding nuances that only a professional with training can detect will often mean the difference between success and failure.

Third Party Solar Leads from InboundProspect

Lead generation is a competitive business, and it’s hard to determine which method will work best for your company.

InboundProspect’s unique lead generation plans offer a simple solution to this problem: Solar companies should only pay for results on a Cost Per Installation (CPI) basis. In general marketing terms this pricing model is known as Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), which means the client pays for customers. Cost Per Installation pricing allows solar companies to pay only for results – meaning they only pay for actual solar installations and not just solar leads. This is achieved using the most sophisticated direct mail marketing lead generation techniques available.

InboundProspect will create a partnership with the solar company to determine what lead volume, installation and Cost Per Installation goals need to be met. Once they’ve analyzed the client’s business and both parties have agreed upon the desired marketing performance metrics, InboundProspect will begin to use direct mail to generate high quality leads.

During this process, all the risk is placed solely on the shoulders of InboundProspect, leaving you the solar installer to be laser focused on other issues that relate to your marketing and sales teams.

Door-to-Door Lead Generation

Door-to-door lead generation techniques are still used by a variety of solar installers across the country.

In this scenario, salespeople are required to visit a certain number of homes each day to determine whether or not any of them are interested in buying solar energy services. This process, while still in use, is a modern day crapshoot that is outdated and ineffective because it’s very hard to determine whether or not someone wants to or is even qualified to purchase a service before actually speaking with them first.

If you use this method, your salespeople might go for days without producing a single lead, potentially wasting thousands of dollars in salaries.

Traditional lead generation techniques still do work, but only if they are implemented correctly. InboundProspect has been wildly successful with getting results for their clients. Their unique process helps weed through people who aren’t even remotely interested and gets to those who really are interested in buying solar energy products like solar panels and back up batteries. Using InboundProspect’s advanced Cost Per Installation (CPI) direct mail marketing strategy will help you convert more customers, maximize efficiency within the sales team and increase overall revenue for your company.