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Why Are Direct Mail Leads Easier to Convert?

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receiving direct mailThere are a variety of different advertising and lead generation opportunities currently available to companies of all sizes. From traditional television and radio spots to print newspaper ads and pay-per-click campaigns, companies across the country are pouring millions of dollars every month into spreading their brand and recruiting more customers.

InboundProspect, an innovative lead generation company, suggests that direct mail leads when provided on a Pay For Performance basis should be a key aspect of every marketing campaign for a very good reason: Direct mail leads are easier to convert.

Direct Mail: A Highly Targeted Consumer Base for An Affordable Price

Mainstream advertising methods normally blanket entire cities and, in some cases, the entire country. Because coverage areas are so large, companies have trouble targeting the right type of clients that might be interested in their services. Marketing executives come to realize that they’ve spent so much money and have little to show in return.

Direct mail leads are highly targeted to fit the needs of each business. Companies can send direct mail pieces to key customer groups based on key demographics, such as gender, credit profile, income, age, job type, family size and even home value. For example, a mortgage broker who is looking for mortgage leads might be able to create a direct mail campaign for homeowners based on creditworthiness, loan-to-value (LTV), current real estate market values and trends, and by household income.

A targeted direct mail campaign will yield more potential customers and a higher conversion rate for a smaller investment. Combined with a unique Pay For Performance pricing model that only InboundProspect offers, you can achieve your lead generation Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and daily lead volume goals much easier.

Direct Mail Offers More Information for the Consumer

In most cases, each direct mail campaign offer comes with a wealth of information for the prospective lead. This includes cost comparisons, statistics, online and phone response options and important details concerning the products or services the advertiser offers. Consumers will be able to sit down and read through the material at his or her leisure and then respond to your offer after they’ve made a decision that they want to purchase your product or service.

Television and radio advertising only allow for small 30 second spots for each commercial, limiting the amount of information that can be processed by consumers. With the right direct mail marketing material, the more time potential customers spend getting to know your company, the more likely they are to buy what you’re selling.

Tracking Conversions and Return on Investment

Tracking conversions is easy with direct mail marketing campaigns.

Each mailer that is sent out should have a unique tracking number or personal identification number (PIN) that can be used by the consumer should they want to contact the business. The tracking number will contain important information about that potential customer, including key demographics that were targeted so that when the consumer responds to the offer your sales team can pull up all of the responder’s key information before speaking to the lead.

After a direct mail lead campaign has been initiated, results can be tracked and tabulated by different demographics and credit variables. Leads that fit a specific credit profile and demographic that saw higher conversion rates or had more people who were at least interested in the product can be focal points for future campaigns.

Being able to analyze this type of information is essential. Developing response and conversion models to target the highest responding and converting credit profiles and demographics from previous campaigns will optimize your direct mail campaign strategy because you will be marketing to leads that fit the profile of other leads that were interested in what your company sells.

InboundProspect is a top third party lead generation company and renowned for being one of the best direct mail lead generation companies in the business. While most other direct mail lead generation companies require clients to incur the performance risk of the campaigns they provide, InboundProspect works on a Pay For Performance basis. This payment option means that financial and performance risk of your direct mail campaigns is placed solely on the shoulders of InboundProspect and not the company itself; whether you’re paying on a Cost Per Call, Cost Per Lead or a Cost Per Acquisition basis you only pay when InboundProspect’s direct mail lead generation campaigns deliver.