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Why Direct Mail Lead Generation is So Effective

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a direct mail leadDozens of marketing techniques exist that have been used by businesses over and over again. Some of these techniques reward the business with increased revenue while others fail miserably. While many marketing techniques are often geared towards specific businesses, direct mail advertising is, in many cases, effective for every vertical.

Direct Mail Uses a Targeted Customer Base

Direct mail marketing has been around for decades, and for good reason. Each campaign created is targeted to a specific customer base that meet certain parameters. This guarantees that the marketing material you send out will only reach people who might be interested in your product or services.

InboundProspect is a great example of how well these campaigns can work. We use direct mail lead generation techniques to provide scalable leads on a Pay For Performance basis. We are only able to do this because we have complete confidence in our service and have the direct mail experience required.

By combining a vast amount of statistical information with market analysis when determining who to contact via direct mail, we are able to get predictable returns on our efforts. This allows our partners to only pay for the leads that actually generate customers, hence our Pay For Performance model.

Physical Mail is Familiar

Hardly anyone opens up emails with attachments or items that were unsolicited. Statistics show that the vast majority of these types of emails end up in the spam folder before anyone has a chance to open them.

Snail mail is a familiar format. Consumers tend to open all types of letters, regardless of where they came from, because they are simply following a decades old habit. This means that any marketing material sent out will reach more eyes for less money.

Mail Isn’t Ignored

Unlike many forms of advertising, such as billboards, bus stop signs, and blinking banner ads online, mail that comes straight to a person’s mail box simply can’t be ignored as easily.

When we reach out to a lead via direct mail, we know that our material will be handled by the recipient and given more thought than the ads they pass by every day, because it was sent directly to them. This, combined with our advanced targeting abilities, is what gives us the ability to outperform other lead generation companies.

Both in traditional direct mail marketing and in our direct mail lead generation, this is an extremely important factor in the success of the campaign.

If your company needs a reliable source of scalable leads that are the cream of the crop, InboundProspect can help. We have refined our direct mail processes to the point where you only have to pay for the leads that actually convert. It’s the most effective avenue for quality leads, and we are so confident in our ability to outperform other lead generation companies that we can use a Pay For Performance model in our work with you.